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Mobile Apps: Now Unleashing the “Greatest Wave of Creativity in History”

Mobile applications, or apps for short, are known by an assortment of names: iPhone apps, Smartphone apps, Blackberry apps. These are all the same thing. Mobile apps aren’t only for phones. When you come right down to it, anything you can hold in your hand, be it an ipod or a tablet, has literally 1000’s of apps available for them.

A mobile application is just a piece of software you download and install to your smartphone, tablet, etc. They are designed to add individual functions to your phone or tablet to make them more efficient, more useful, and more fun. They allow you to do things quicker and more easily.

Mobile apps allow you to play games, have GPS at your fingertips, let you to synch data between devices. There are apps for dog lovers, cat lovers, and apps for keeping track of your favorite sport. There are apps that let you access all of your email accounts from one place. There’s even an app that lets you use your smartphone as a DVR remote control. Now you can record your favorite program from anywhere.

AppMan[3] is a company that wants you to come up with a great idea … and we’ll produce the app for you! We’re passionate about taking your idea and turning it into a finished product.

The future is looking bright for mobile applications. More are developed and used every day. Apps are becoming increasingly popular with young people. We’re all learning that there are limitless things you can do with your phones nowadays. Up next … your idea!

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