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Count Bugs

Count Bugs

Count Bugs

Save yourself a trip to the Bug Store! Learn how to count! Avoid the mess of real bugs! Become mesmerized by all the crawlings and jumpings! Dance to the trippy ambient sounds!

And the list goes on and on.

Count Bugs is a young toddler’s dream come true.

The bugs come in waves of increasing number and skitter around in random patterns. Touch them and they make funny sounds. Touch a red one and he will get mad!

Not bad for the price of a candy bar, considering the fact that the game also teaches and reinforces counting and number identification at every turn.

Simple Fun! ★★★★★ by Floofer Good simple app to go in your collection for the kids. Fun, quirky sound effects. Simple gameplay. They’ll love it!!

So Fun. ★★★★★ by pleasantly pleased parent 6 year old says, “I love the bugs with red eyes. They make a silly sound”. 4 year old says, “I love squishing all the bugs that crawl around”. My kids love this game. It’s a great for number recognition as well as a great way to show the relationship between a numeral and the number of objects it represents. The noises are very entertaining and the art is cute!