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Factor Samurai

Factor Samurai

Factor Samurai

When I was little, my mom used to draw up multiplication problems for me on the weekends to keep my math skills sharp. Eventually, those self-written problems on notebook paper gave way to workbooks bought from school supply stores — either way, it wasn’t much fun!

If that was now, our latest App of the Week might have made it a little more fun. Step into the math dojo with Factor Samurai!

Indeed, Factor Samurai utilizes the familiar swipe-based gameplay of the popular Fruit Ninja game (thank you , sample code!) and puts an effectively educational spin on it. No longer are you mindlessly slashing fruit vs. dairy products, rather you’re slashing the non-prime numbers as they fly up your screen. Now, I’m aware that me in 1991 would still find this pretty lame, but “2011 me” found it to be quite the brain teaser while still maintaining a well-paced gameplay!

Structurally, the game features solid graphics and a well-tuned swipe mechanism. You can simply tap on the numbers as you spot them, or embrace your inner Bushidō to get the full slicing experience. I imagine future incarnations of the game might tweak the “swipe” to be slightly more precise (I often found myself slicing one number and, inadvertently, three others along with it!), but that barely takes away from the fun and “learning” factor of Factor Samurai.

Hetal App of the Week

Awesome game! ★★★★★ by Richard Culatta It’s like playing Fruit Ninja but you actually get smarter the longer you play instead of… well, whatever happens when you play Fruit Ninja for too long. The point is, this is a great little game. Good work guys!

Fun. Educational. Simple. ★★★★★ by Kenson Hiatt I love it! The gameplay gets to be very challenging. My mind gets to thinking quickly and my memory becomes stronger as I keep playing. I can’t put it down. Well worth the small price tag!!

Factor samurai is a great way to learn times tables. You play as the samurai whose sacred duty is to cut all the numbers down to their prime factors.


Factor Samurai